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Water Meter

  • Wireless Remote Meter

    Wireless Remote Meter

    The program uses Chint's Lora wireless remote meter as the measurement basis, through micro-power to apply for measurement band (470 ~ 510MHz) and collector concentrator for communication. Data is uploaded to the concentrator and concentrator communicates with the master station...Read More

  • Photoelectric Direct Reading Remote Valve Control Water Meter

    Photoelectric Direct Reading Remote Valve Control Water Meter

    Direct reading remote valve control dry cold water meter is used to measure the volume of water flowing through the water pipe, suitable for small industrial water use and domestic use. This product is designed and equipped with the valve control device on the basis of the direct...Read More

  • IC Card Smart Water Meter

    IC Card Smart Water Meter

    IC card smart meter is a new kind of measuring instrument which can be collected, processed, displayed and saved water by new microprocessor. Its small volume, light weight, low power, high precision, strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, installation and easy to use, the...Read More

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