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  • Smart Prepayment Meter

    Smart Prepayment Meter

    DDZY666J single phase smart prepayment meter is the smart measurement and load control unit which can be used in one phase two wire power network. It can be integrated into AMI vending system and it complies with IEC\EN\STS standard and uses...Read More

  • Single Phase Prepaid Energy Meter

    Single Phase Prepaid Energy Meter

    DDSY666 Single Phase Prepayment Meter IC card prepayment energy meter General: DDSY666 single phase prepayment meter is used in one phase two wire power network for residential user. It is realizing prepaid energy fee, energy metering and protecting over load power consuming....Read More

  • Gas Prepayment Meter

    Gas Prepayment Meter

    ZG(S)-1 Series IC card prepaid gas meter/new gas meter are suitable for measuring the flowrate of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, artificially gas, marsh gas, etc. The meter has high accuracy measurement and long economic life. Apart from the original...Read More

  • Data Terminal

    Data Terminal

    DJGZ-ZTY666 Data Concentrator General: DJGZ-ZTY666 data concentrator which forms part of a remote management system with automatic meter reading through power line communication (PLC) or RF mesh, communicating with the system via GPRS or Ethernet. The concentrator is the...Read More

  • Active Energy Meter

    Active Energy Meter

    PS7777-series digital active/reactive power meter Summary&application: PS7777-series digital active power meter is the new generation of programmable intelligent instrument, integrated with measurement, alarming, transmission and communication, mainly applied into...Read More

  • Digital Power Clamp Meter

    Digital Power Clamp Meter

    NS2001 digital clamp meter: Introduction: NS2001, NS2002 type are kinds of trinity half digital pincer-like meter with stable performance, safety and reliability. Adopting A/D converter with large-scaled collected circuit and equipped with overload protecting circuit for...Read More

  • IoT Water Meter

    IoT Water Meter

    Overview The meter uses the remote technology of the Internet of Things, the latest generation of remote water meters. With the special network communication network to achieve the transmission of data and control instructions, intelligent identification, positioning,...Read More

  • Smart Remote Cold Water Meter

    Smart Remote Cold Water Meter

    Overview The principle is that a magnet is added to the pointer (or gear) inside the table. The rotation of the table drives the magnet to rotate. The rotation of the magnet causes the dry reed pipe (or Hall element) to send out the pulse signal, and record the pulse signal...Read More

  • Rotary-wing Wet Cold Water Meter

    Rotary-wing Wet Cold Water Meter

    Overview Chint rotor-type wet cold water meter is a measuring instrument, which is used to measure the amount of water flowing through the water pipe. It is suitable for small industrial water and household water. Large counting range, high accuracy and other performance...Read More

  • Rotary Type Dry Cold Water Meter

    Rotary Type Dry Cold Water Meter

    Overview Rotary type dry cold water meter is used to measure the total volume of water flowing through the water pipe. It is suitable for small industrial, business and domestic water. Working conditions water pressure: △p≤1.0MPa (10bar) water temperature: 0.1℃ ~ 30℃Read More

  • Volumetric Water Meter

    Volumetric Water Meter

    Overview This water meter is used to measure the volume of water flowing through the water pipe (It can also be used for pure water). Working conditions Water pressure: ≤1.0MPa (10bar) Water temperature: 0.1℃~50℃ Features 1-Low initial flow, 2-It can be installed at any...Read More

  • Wireless Remote Meter

    Wireless Remote Meter

    The program uses Chint's Lora wireless remote meter as the measurement basis, through micro-power to apply for measurement band (470 ~ 510MHz) and collector concentrator for communication. Data is uploaded to the concentrator and concentrator communicates with the master...Read More

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